I know Lisbon well. Including some of its neighbouring counties. This enables me to place your property into context, conduct a survey on what is happening or about to happen in the surroundings, define buyer profiles, and promote your house in a coherent and appealing way.


I follow the real estate market on a permanent basis. I understand its dynamics and can justify, in every single case, a scale of values that makes sense when advertising a property. And as you may verify, my market research is backed up by objective data.

It's my genuine interest in these topics that leads me to subscribe to the A HOUSE IN LISBON blog, the videos in the 1 MINUTE REAL ESTATE series, and articles on the real estate market, first in DINHEIRO VIVO, and now in DOUTOR FINANÇAS.




The day of the photoshoot and video production is one of the most important moments in a property’s promotion. Because those images will determine how your property is perceived by thousands of people during the following weeks, including the one person who will eventually buy it. That's why I work with Whitebalance: award-winning architectural photography and video experts whose work I carefully supervise.


Your property will be advertised not only on the Keller Williams website but also on national and international portals.


I am a member of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK. It is the second-largest foreign resident community, and the second-largest residential property investor in Portugal.


And equally or more importantly, I have (and use proactively, depending on the geographic area and market positioning) the direct contacts of thousands of real estate agents in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, at the service of several real estate companies that, in turn, represent a universe of potential buyers. The commission is shared equally with these partners, thus ensuring their interest and commercial dynamism.

The aim is clear. Guarantee your home reaches the greatest possible number of potential buyers, with coherent and appealing content; in order to generate more contacts, more viewings, and more offers.


If you are really considering b a property, it is likely you have some doubts. Do you wish to share them with me?

I will leave you my email and mobile number.

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